301.SRI RAHAYU DANI(non-registered)
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12.John McLaughlin(non-registered)
Marvelous creatures! Looks like you had a very productive trip. Thanks for sharing.
11.David Omokhoje(non-registered)
Thank you very much for sharing your images with the world they are very inspiring and beautiful works of art.
9.Gaby Kende(non-registered)
Ilya, I knew that you were creative and artistic (remembering the furniture you build in grad school), but I had no idea that you are such an amazing photographer in your "spare" time.
These images are truly wonderful and gave me several vicarious trips, but I may never have seen what you saw in real life.
Truly amazing. Keep it up.
Warm regards and good wishes,
8.Christine (Tina) Infuso(non-registered)
I was truly blown away by the magnitude of emotion that your photographs brought to me.
I was looking at beautiful art. They evoked such passion and tenderness and purity. Thank you so much for including me in your wonderful art show. You brought the beauty that you get to see first hand to me. You are blessed to have such a profession. Yesterday was truly such a treat for Issac and myself.
Beautifully done. Your explanations of each piece was informative and funny. You have a wonderful and gracious family. Thank you again.
7.Stephanie and Nicolas(non-registered)
Dear Ilya,
Remember the time when we purchased our first camera, when you took plenty of time for us and helped us to choose a good one? Well we wanted to say thank you for that ! Ever since, we never stopped shooting! We hope one day we will travel together somewhere...
We newly bought two Rolleiflex cameras. We will use film for our next project in Sichuan, China.
Best regards and hello to Vera and the girls,


steph and nico
6.Marietta Eliseyeva(non-registered)
It's great, amazingly, wonderfully, gracefully, divinely beautifully!!! Thank you!
5.Marjorie Marsino
Beautiful photography! It has to be a great profession enjoying the beauty, the world over. Thankyou for sharing.
4.Maria van Herreweghen(non-registered)
It's a pleasure to look at the world through your camera. Great work!!!
3.Diego A. Moreno(non-registered)
Great photos and beautiful life moments captured by your eye that now we all can also enjoy. Great art.
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